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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Cover reveal for HUNTING ANGEL! This is book 2 for the Divisa series.

I very excited to dive back into Chase and Angel's story. The spicy lovebirds promise to bring witty banter, steaming make-out sessions and a whole lot of life-threating danger.

This book will be available on Amazon later this year.

I'll be posting the exact date as it gets closer.

Description: (subject to change)

Chase Winters is the bane of my existence.

But he is also the lifeline of my heart and soul. Literally.

Things are steaming up between us, and between the sheets. When his lips aren’t locked with mine, they are spewing verbal crap. Half the time I don’t know whether to kiss him or slap him. Our bond is more than just being connected, we are soulbound. The closer we get, the stronger the bond takes hold and now-a-days it seems we are inseparable.

There is a new addition to our little town, one that has all the Divisa’s on guard – a hunter has taken up residency. This hunter is not just another threat, not when their identity hits a little close to home. Strife divides my neighbor’s household surrounding this supposed enemy. Could they be friend or foe?

Chase’s number one priority in all this as always, is to keep me safe.

Regardless of what Chase says, I am not the weak and fragile human they all think I am. And there is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep Chase from harm. He might drive me up a freaking wall, but he was my pain in the ass. I wasn’t about to sit back and let some hunter fire an arrow through his heart. Not if I could help it.

Then there is the one question that is on everyone’s mind: Will the hunter kill us or save us…
Haven't read book 1 SAVING ANGEL yet... get it here:


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - AMETHYST TEARS (book 2)

As promised here is a sneak peak inside Amethyst Tears which will be available on Amazon 02/15/13. Eeeep! I am uber excited.

Here you go:

Opening the door to my bedroom, my heart sighed like a sappy love song. Gavin was spread out on my bed with a purring Lunar curled against his side.
He looked like he should be on the cover of Rolling Stones. Dark. Edgy. Killer eyes. The two of them together looked like trouble and more trouble. His grin aimed my way was downright sinister, like he could see the naughty images conjuring in my head. They would have made the devil himself blush.
I was drawn to him. Not just drawn, compelled might be a better word.
Just staring at him I was suddenly filled with a boost of confidence. When it came to boys I was more than a little inexperience. I was downright clueless. It’s not like there was a step-by-step manual on dating, or a guide to teenage love. If there was, I probably would have memorized it.
As it was, I felt empowered.
Maybe it some part of me was tapping into my magic, or maybe it was because Gavin made me feel beautiful. Wherever my new found confidence stemmed from, I wasn’t about to let it slip from my fingers. I was going to take full advantage of it while it lasted. Meaning I was going to take full advantage of Gavin.
Setting aside my keys, I crawled into bed alongside him, propping my head on my hand. Looking down, his eyes never left mine since I entered the room. Neither of us said a word. Words weren’t needed for what I had in mind.
We had at least an hour before my aunt came home, and I wasn’t about to waste any more time. Without a second thought, I finished what I had wanted more than anything in chem class.
Our lips met in one quick fluid motion. The spark of our magic electrocuted as soon as our mouths touched. It was a fine line between pleasure and pain. For some insane reason it felt like we hadn’t kissed in years. I felt starved for him. For his touch.
He fisted a hand into my hair, tugging me closer to him. I could feel the waves of heat coming off him as our bodies collide. This was… Crazy. Wonderful.
As if he wasn’t satisfied with our closeness, I abruptly found myself lying on my back and Gavin’s glorious weight sinking into me. Our lips never lost contact. That took some skill. Deeping the kiss, he tasted of summer nights.
I slipped my hand under his shirt, running my fingers over the planes of his back. Right now I was beyond thinking rationally. Beyond thinking at all. It was all need. Lust. Hormones gone wild.
Holy hot moonbeams.
Bunching my fingers at the hem of his shirt, I pushed it up and in a swift moment it landed disgarded on the bedroom floor. My fingers couldn’t have been happier. As I traced patterns on his chest, his eyes locked onto mine, dark and steaming. They captivated me, holding me prisoner.
A strangled groan escaped before he took possession of my lips again, more potent than before. The hotness radar just blew off the scale. My fingers dug into his already messy hair, and my lips greedily ravished his. I loved the texture and feel of him.
His knee shifted between my legs as I soared to another dimension. Nuzzling my neck, his lip ring left a cool trail behind the scorching heat. His body contoured to mine in all the glorious right places. Inside me, there was a feeling I couldn’t yet identify. Magicy, I guess. A strand of energy that pulled us together. Being with him like this was beyond words.
It was unworldly.
I never wanted it to end.
When I become such a hussy?
I loved the tingling sensation his hands left on my skin. It made me wonder if these were normal teenage reactions or if our touch and feelings were heightened because of what we were – witches. I had to believe the latter. Being a witch changed the rules.
More than ever, I wanted to tap into my magic. Usually I used it subconsciously, but right now I felt the urge at my fingertips. Launching from the center of my chest, it spider out everywhere – building.
If I could ever think intelligently again, I wanted to ask him about it.
Right now all I could think about was how hot Gavin’s lips were. He made me feel like I was floating, soaring on some mystical cloud.
Neither of us was prepared for the abrupt interruption.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pretty & Sweet Headband (its all Etsy fault)

I love to support independent sellers. As I am forever scoping out Etsy to find the cutest stuff.

Check out this sweet and romantic headband that just came in the mail yesterday. I just couldn't wait to try it on. It is on 26 degrees today in the Windy city, so it was a perfect day for it.


They are soft and very comfortable. I just fell in love with them on sight. These awesome knitted headbands are made my CoCosKnits. They have a bunch of other really cute stuff. Check out the etsy store.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cover reveal: MOONDUST (Luminescence Book 3)

Check out the cover for MOONDUST! It's the final installment in the Luminescence trilogy. *sad face*

This is by far my favorite cover. I love it!!

What do you guys think?

I do not yet have a date set for release, but it is tentative set (in my head) for some time toward the end of 2013. It will be available on Amazon.

Updates to follow after the release of AMETHYST TEARS coming 02/15/13. I am uber excited to get book 2 out for sale 0_0


My inner cowgirl

These hats by Cowgirl Swank are my new fashion obsession. I. Absolutely. Adore them to pieces. I love the funky fur and bling combo. If its got bling, I'll probably wear it ;)

I've been country line dancing for years, and this would make the perfect accessory to get my boot scootin boogie on (truly this is a name of a line dance). Yep I do live in Chicago, but I've always felt like I should have been born a country girl. I'm a total jean and boot rockin' kind of gal.

*I love country music.
*I love horses & horseback riding. (the goal is to someday have a ranch and a horse. My husband is not exactly on board with this plan)
*I love Tennessee, Nashville specifically. (this would be the idea location for my make believe ranch)
*Cowboys are dreamy.
*Southern hospitality really does exist.

Cowgirl Swank does custom hats, my only dilemma is which style do I choose?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Just me being a fan-girl...

Anyone else stoked for Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday night?

I am absolutely addicted to this show... Okay I am really addicted to most teen shows, especially if the are based off books.

As I said good-bye to one of my favs at the end of 2012 - Gossip Girl (I actually shed a tear), I am really looking forward to the new year and all the endless writing possibilities. There are so many ideas floating around my fluttering head - I can't wait to put them in print.

So I have been trying to expand my blogging abilities on a more personal level other than just book updates (don't worry those will definitely be the highlight of my blog), but I thought I would add things I love.

Like Pretty Little Liars.

Holy. Moly. Am I excited!

I love the drama. I love the mystery. I LOVE the fashion. Oh and the hot guys (Caleb). It has all the elements I need in a show to hook me in.

There are a few other shows that I am looking forward to like Carrie Diaries.

What shows are you guys ga-ga over?


Sunday, January 6, 2013

My New Favorite Candle

One of my favorite gifts to get are... wait for it...


I simple adore them. Need them. Seriously I don't think I could ever have too many. I love the way they flicker, and the way the light bounces shadows on the walls. They even have these great candles that give off a crackling sound, those are awesome. Also the more wicks the better.

And the scent. Every room in my house has a different smell from a candle.

Most of the ones I own are from Yankee Candle, and I do love them. (Beachwalk is my all-time fav.)

This year for Christmas I received a candle, and it has become my new favorite candle. It sits in my kitchen ontop of my stove so every time it heats up the candle permeates the air. It's delightful! The scent even not light is very aroma filled for sure. Hmmm.

This beautiful candle is by Swan Creek Candle Co.  in Spiced Orange & Cinnamon, which is great for the kitchen. They are a soybean candle.

I. Lovvvve. Them.


Friday, January 4, 2013


Resolutions are what the New Year is all about... right?

Well I am notorious for never following through (basically I suck). So I thought I would make an alternate list or more like guidelines for the New Year.

Run more. (I mean start running)

Elliptical more. (Once a month is fine right?)

Snuggle my hubby and kids. (I just love them to pieces)

Organize my time. (There is never enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. Or play enough xbox)

Learn more about writing and EDITING. (Ugh editing - why are you so hard for me)

Understand that I am not wonder woman. (Wait! What?)

Text less. (I make no promises. I'm a techie goo-roo)

Invest wisely. (Umm. Again I make no promises. I sort of have a shopping problem. It's a girl thing)

Obssess less about what people think about me (I have flaws if you can believe it. Tons of them)

Note to self. Read more this year. (I spent all of last year writing & very little reading. I miss it)

Happy New Year - May 2013 be bright and magical!