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(¸.·´ (¸.·'* So here is what happened…

I was born and raised in Illinois, a child of the colorful 80's. Growing up, I was shy and quiet. I pretty much spent every free moment reading. Not wanting to be the center of attention, I blended in with the crowd.

My great ambition in junior high, and probably even high school, was to be a dancer. Not a ballet dancer (although I did take a little ballet), but a fly girl, you know, from In Living Color. Well, if you are old enough to remember. Basically, I wanted to be a hip hop dancer.

Those plans never came to fruition, because I was honestly, not that good of a dancer. However, I still like to bust a move. *cringes* I'm such a dork, and I love it.

Life threw many curve balls, and in 2009, I stared at my computer and began to write my first book, Luminescence. I felt so ridiculous, but at the same time, it gave me this incredible sense of purpose. I started to look forward to that time at night when my kids were asleep and I could lose myself in the world I created. The characters popped in my head at all hours of the day...and night.

I went through the whole querying process with no success, and I let it get to me. Luminescence sat on my computer untouched until 2011. I was cleaning up my PC and opened the file for fun. Rereading the story, I fell in love with Brianna, Gavin, and writing all over again.

So, for the next few months I edited, rewrote, edited, rewrote again and again. It became a pattern, then I self-published my first book. Without you guys, I wouldn't have had the courage to write another book. It was my readers that encouraged me, and made me feel like, hey, I can really do this!!

I love you guys!!

Currently, I live in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Like Friday the 13th? Yep you got it. I don't think my town is at all related to the movie, but it's kind of cool and creepy.

My household is filled with my hubby & our two boys ~ Dakoda is 16 & Isaiah is 12. Being the only girl in a male household can be somewhat challenging. I know more about Call of Duty (my boys say I am still a noob and a camper) & video games in general than I ever thought possible.

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(¸.·´ (¸.·'* 100 Things I love.

Being in love. My boys. Raspberry Mochas. Twilight. Love Pink. The smell of the Ocean. Dark Chocolate. Books. Being married. Harry Potter. Bad Boys. Candles. The Green Bay Packers. Jensen Ackles (duh!). NKOTB. Punky Brewster. Libraries. The Walking Dead. American Eagle jeggings. Owls. Bonfires. Dancing. Libraries with a Starbucks inside. My cat, Kiki. Romance. Vampire Diaries. Ireland. Christmas. Country music. Movies. Motherhood. The sound of water. Sunsets. Sleep. Going out to dinner. Laughing. Shopping. Moonlight. Sex. Amaretto stone sour. My family. Musicals. My macbook. The stars. Reading. Freebies. Back rubs. Fireplaces. Eyes. Daydreaming. Video games. Singing. Twitter. Decorating. Grill outs. The beach. Swearing. Coco-cola. Writing. Madden shoes. Body piercings. Sightseeing. Pretty Little Liars. Purses. Vacations. Sleeping. Staying up late. Lazy afternoons. A clean house. Bubble baths. Home cooked meals. Trends. Cliches. Nora Roberts. Tattoos. Pink hair. Makeup. Candy Crush. Sparkly things. Hugs. Walt Disney World. My hubby's steak (it was the first meal he ever made me). Kissing and stuff. My little sis. Brantley Gilbert. Wishes. My birthday. Surprises. Blogging. Nevermore. Snapping gum. Thunderstorms. Iced coffee. Donuts. Freckles. Perfume. Organization. Butterflies. Summertime. Sips & Sjin.

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  1. I am in the middle of Hunting Angel and I really enjoy the books so far. You're a good author, but you need to do some serious proof reading. I would be happy to help if need be. Ldyredhawk @ gmail. com


    1. I could use a proofreader for my book! It's another paranormal romance book! let me know if you're interested!!

  2. I Love You, and I love learning about your life and I love writing and I'm thinking about being a writer

  3. I love that your beautiful and still a book nerd like me, i love football but thats where we might disagree, its so weird i feel like we connect on many levels but id really like to know your whole story, how you got into writing and how you think. id love to hear it. writing is also your baby is a complete other way. id so wish to sit down one day and talk about that with you. wishes do come true for special people. just like you and your great novels.

  4. Hello!! We seem to have similar interests in books we love to read and books we love to write!! I have just self published my own paranormal romance book and would love a fellow author and avid reader to read it! I am in the middle of starbound and I thought I would reach out to you! Let me know!!