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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - AMETHYST TEARS (book 2)

As promised here is a sneak peak inside Amethyst Tears which will be available on Amazon 02/15/13. Eeeep! I am uber excited.

Here you go:

Opening the door to my bedroom, my heart sighed like a sappy love song. Gavin was spread out on my bed with a purring Lunar curled against his side.
He looked like he should be on the cover of Rolling Stones. Dark. Edgy. Killer eyes. The two of them together looked like trouble and more trouble. His grin aimed my way was downright sinister, like he could see the naughty images conjuring in my head. They would have made the devil himself blush.
I was drawn to him. Not just drawn, compelled might be a better word.
Just staring at him I was suddenly filled with a boost of confidence. When it came to boys I was more than a little inexperience. I was downright clueless. It’s not like there was a step-by-step manual on dating, or a guide to teenage love. If there was, I probably would have memorized it.
As it was, I felt empowered.
Maybe it some part of me was tapping into my magic, or maybe it was because Gavin made me feel beautiful. Wherever my new found confidence stemmed from, I wasn’t about to let it slip from my fingers. I was going to take full advantage of it while it lasted. Meaning I was going to take full advantage of Gavin.
Setting aside my keys, I crawled into bed alongside him, propping my head on my hand. Looking down, his eyes never left mine since I entered the room. Neither of us said a word. Words weren’t needed for what I had in mind.
We had at least an hour before my aunt came home, and I wasn’t about to waste any more time. Without a second thought, I finished what I had wanted more than anything in chem class.
Our lips met in one quick fluid motion. The spark of our magic electrocuted as soon as our mouths touched. It was a fine line between pleasure and pain. For some insane reason it felt like we hadn’t kissed in years. I felt starved for him. For his touch.
He fisted a hand into my hair, tugging me closer to him. I could feel the waves of heat coming off him as our bodies collide. This was… Crazy. Wonderful.
As if he wasn’t satisfied with our closeness, I abruptly found myself lying on my back and Gavin’s glorious weight sinking into me. Our lips never lost contact. That took some skill. Deeping the kiss, he tasted of summer nights.
I slipped my hand under his shirt, running my fingers over the planes of his back. Right now I was beyond thinking rationally. Beyond thinking at all. It was all need. Lust. Hormones gone wild.
Holy hot moonbeams.
Bunching my fingers at the hem of his shirt, I pushed it up and in a swift moment it landed disgarded on the bedroom floor. My fingers couldn’t have been happier. As I traced patterns on his chest, his eyes locked onto mine, dark and steaming. They captivated me, holding me prisoner.
A strangled groan escaped before he took possession of my lips again, more potent than before. The hotness radar just blew off the scale. My fingers dug into his already messy hair, and my lips greedily ravished his. I loved the texture and feel of him.
His knee shifted between my legs as I soared to another dimension. Nuzzling my neck, his lip ring left a cool trail behind the scorching heat. His body contoured to mine in all the glorious right places. Inside me, there was a feeling I couldn’t yet identify. Magicy, I guess. A strand of energy that pulled us together. Being with him like this was beyond words.
It was unworldly.
I never wanted it to end.
When I become such a hussy?
I loved the tingling sensation his hands left on my skin. It made me wonder if these were normal teenage reactions or if our touch and feelings were heightened because of what we were – witches. I had to believe the latter. Being a witch changed the rules.
More than ever, I wanted to tap into my magic. Usually I used it subconsciously, but right now I felt the urge at my fingertips. Launching from the center of my chest, it spider out everywhere – building.
If I could ever think intelligently again, I wanted to ask him about it.
Right now all I could think about was how hot Gavin’s lips were. He made me feel like I was floating, soaring on some mystical cloud.
Neither of us was prepared for the abrupt interruption.

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