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The Celtic Circle Chronicles

Autumnstorm ~ Sage Sutton
Book #1 - 2016

They were born at midnight—four witchlings. Earth. Air. Fire. Water—bound by magic and blood.

Sage Sutton loves horses, the beauty of nature and witchcraft. Her earth magic comes naturally. With the help of her best friend, Brooke, they set forth to complete their circle. Not an easy or simple task. They have a deadline—the end of summer.

The witchling, Fire, refuses to accept her powers, and the Air witchling, is nowhere to be found. They don’t have the faintest clue who or where she is. Without a complete circle, they are doomed. Finding the last witchling, Air, is utmost important. She is the key to the final link in the chain.

Sage’s birthday is fast approaching, the fall equinox. But they aren’t the only ones born at midnight…a curse unleashed. As each of their eighteenth birthdays approach, so does the strength of the curse.

And as if her life isn’t complicated enough, in strolls Blake Sinclair. Blond. Blue eyes. Adorable. Will Sage be able to control her heart and defeat the curse?



She was born at twilight with the moon full and high. Fall was in bloom with rusty oranges, bold reds and vibrant yellows. The smell of burning leaves, roasting marshmallows and fresh turned hay followed a heaving and panting mother-to-be on the drive to the hospital.
With her first breath into the world, she tasted the birthright that was hersthe power, rich and seductive. Her birth was one that spanned centuries, a circle of four to each generation. Though the knowledge of that circle was lost down the lines, the magic still burned bright and true in her blood. Summoned by the ancient power, she was touched with magic.
There were other places who welcomed the cries of childbirth far beyond the rocky coast of Hidden Harbor, Vermont. None were as unique and mystic as the fair skinned babe. Deep in the green valleys of Ireland, buried in the stone castles of Wales, through the windswept mystical isle of Avalon, secrets and hushed whispers of magic still flourished. The tiny baby’s lusty cries echoed down the hospital corridor, swaddled in pink cloth and her mother’s love.
The stars burned brighter and the winds sang in joy, through a mother’s willing pain, a witchling was born.
Not just any witchling, one with the gift to call upon the earth’s virtue, to command and control what Mother Nature willingly gave. But the gift was hers to decide, after all a gift was given and could be refused, ignored or cherished. With the declining acceptance of such a gift, it would be up to her to learn, harness and wield. For her magic was bound to three otherswater, wind and fire.
Now she was just a little girl, with downy rich sienna hair like the earth’s soil and big hazel eyes like the blending of wheat and wild grass. Her tiny fist beat against her mother’s warm embrace, twin dimples winked on her cheeks as she smiled involuntarily at her hovering father.
Sageborn of wisdom and health.


  1. Whoa that's pretty intense

  2. How come this book is on hold, it sounds so interesting!!? :D

    1. Hi Anne, I started this series right after I wrote Luminescence and about halfway through, I got an idea for a book that I couldn't ignore. It ended up being the Divisa Series ;) Since I was then a fairly new author I didn't want to take on more than I could handle. So I put this series on hold, but I will definitely be picking it back up for publication in the future, because I adore these characters!!

    2. Please continued with this book soon. Will the book still come out next year 2016?

    3. Hi Jessica. I still plan to release this book after I've finished with the Raven Series =)

  3. You better do it soon, i want to read more of this novels series. But i can wait and reread Divisa books again.

  4. I am so excited for Black Crow to come out. The only thing that bothers me is that its the 24th in the US but it is the 25th here. I must wait another day. I love Piper's sarcasm and how both wont admit they love each other. I can't wait for Soul Symetry to come out!

  5. I've just finished the last of your books. When is the next coming out? Are you going to publish the Celtic Circle Chronicles? I don't know what to do with myself! Hahahaha. Any recommendations on fellow authors to keep me busy while I await your next release?