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Friday, March 25, 2016

Black Crow...It's here!!!

The wait is finally over. Black Crow is now available at all outlets, digital and print. You guys get to learn more about Zane and Piper, and what it means to be a reaper.

These two are adorbs. I had fun writing their story and jumped right into Soul Symmetry, the final book in the Raven Series. I'm shooting for a summer release, July possibly. And then I have something different and exciting in the works. Can't wait!

Look for a Black Crow Giveaway coming in April on my facebook!! If you haven't already entered March's Giveaway, do so now. Only a few days left to enter.

Love your guts out. And enjoy!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Luck of the Irish $250 Giveaway!!

Luck of the Irish Luck of the Irish $250 Giveaway!!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Black Crow sneak peek...

I will be releasing a sneak peek inside Black Crow on my Wattpad. The Prologue is now available to read and Chapter 1 will be available early next week.

Read the Prologue here.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Black Crow Preorder is available!

Black Crow is almost here!

You can now preorder the 2nd book in the Raven Series on Amazon and Smashwords.

Preorder for $3.99:

I am so excited and can't wait for you guys to read more about Zane & Piper's story. Black Crow releases on March 25th.



And I couldn’t help but feel it’s entirely my fault. There is no one else to blame.

I’ve quickly learned that being the White Raven isn’t easy. The dead are restless and angry, and I don’t know the first thing about being a banshee. Those around me will get hurt. To keep them safe, I must endure painful decisions.

Zane Hunter, the ultra-bad boy who stole my heart, is one of those difficult decisions. Our souls are synchronized, making us a compatible duo. Too bad I’m engaged to his brother.

My forbidden relationship with Zane is complicated. Deep down I want more than what my duty demands of me, what my family’s past has shaped for me.

Our problematic relationship only increases in tenfold when a surprise I never saw coming shows up in Raven Hallow, changing the game. I thought I had nothing left to lose…I was wrong.

Yeah, being a banshee isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chase & Angel vs Zane & Piper (the vets give the newbies some advice)

Me: Hey guys! Chase & Angel welcome back. Zane & Piper thanks for joining us. I am super excited that you guys could be here for the release of Black Crow this month. And I just want to thank you for making time out of your busy schedules saving the world to answer a few questions.
*guys regard each other*
*girls size each other up*

Me: *I swallow* Okay, let's get to it.

Chase: Straight down to business. I like it. *winks*
Angel: *rolls eyes*

Me: *flushes and then clears throat* Chase & Angel, do you have any advice for Zane & Piper on saving the world?

Chase: Don't die.
Angel: Oh my God. Don't listen to him. It helps to have friends you can trust, that will have your back. No one person only can bear the weight.
Chase: Speak for yourself.
Angel: Don't give up, even when you think you've lost all hope. And listen to your heart. Love can really conquer all.

*Piper and I sigh enviously*

Me: You two seem very happy. Speaking of love, do you have any pointers for being in a relationship with someone who is supernatural?
Chase: If there is one thing I've learned from being with Angel it's, love doesn't happen when it's convenient or expected. It doesn't always make sense, and fighting those feelings only makes things harder. Love isn't a weakness or a burden. It can give you strength when there's no hope.
Angel: *eyes get misty* Enjoy it. Time goes by so fast and you never know what tomorrow might bring.

Me: Good advice. Chase & Angel, your readers can't get enough of you, do you have any words of wisdom about handling fandom?
Chase: Soak it all in. Give them what they want to read. Lots of kissing and stuff, if you get my drift.
Piper: *Turns the color of a bright beet*
Zane: *brows furrow*
Me: Uh, I think that can be arranged.
Angel: And if you're lucky, you get a cute ship name.
Chase: Like Changel. Catchy, huh? *puffs in pride*

Me: Do you guys have any questions for each other?

Angel: What's it like being a, you know, reaper?
Piper: Um, I'm still learning, but it definitely takes some getting used to.
Angel: I feel ya, girl.
Chase: I think I met your dad once. It wasn't a pleasant encounter.
Zane: Oh yeah. Only once? You seem like the kind of guy who stares death in the face frequently.
Chase: At least you get me.

Piper: How about you, Angel? What's it like dating a guy who is part demon?
Chase: Fan-freaking-tastic
Angel: Not always. It has its ups and downs. But...he's worth all the trouble.
Chase: *grins like a shithead* Of course I am.
Zane: *scoffs*

Chase: *leans forward* I've got a question for, Mr. hotshot.
Zane: *raises brow*
Chase: Do you think you could take me in a fight?"
Zane: *grins* Is that even a question? No contest. You wouldn't even know what hit you.
Chase: Come on then, pretty boy. *stands up*

Zane: It would be my pleasure.
Angel: Chase! *tugs on the back of Chase's shirt*
Piper: Zane!

Me: *grabs end of chair*
Guys: *slowly, sit back down, eyes trained on each other*

Me: Well that was close. Too close. I think it's time we wrap this up. Next, we'll interview the BFF's.

Chase & Zane: *snickers*

Me: Thank you guys. It's been...interesting to say the least. And I appreciate that my house is still in one piece.

Zane: No problem, luv.
Chase: Anytime, doll.
Angel: I'd say let's do it again, but I'm not sure these two barbarians can behave themselves.
Piper: *smiles at Angel* I knew I liked you.
Chase: *smirks* What's not to like?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Luminescence Trilogy Box set and bonus Novella!!

So I've been working on a secretly working on Novella for the Luminescence Trilogy and I finally get to squeal about the deets.

The Luminescence Trilogy is now available in a box set for only $3.99. The box set includes all three novels (Luminescence, Amethyst Tears, and Moondust) and an all new novella titled Darkmist.

It is available on Amazon for preorder and will be released on March 25, 2016 (yep, the same day Black Crow releases)

Check out the kickass new cover <3 <3 

Darkmist Description:

Brianna Rafferty has come to embrace her extraordinary magical powers and what it means to be a clàr silte. Trouble is, not everyone is thrilled to have another witch encroaching on their territory. One night Brianna finds herself at the wrong college party and bumps elbows with a girl who has made it her personal vendetta to make Brianna’s life a living hell. Amara Gabris is a witch with envious hair, a bad attitude, and the power to raise the dead. Even though Brianna is uncertain about college—one thing is becoming painfully clear—witches are everywhere.

Order now!!