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(¸.·´ (¸.·'* WORKS IN PROGRESS

Book 2 - Entangled
Book 3 - Forsaken


CASTING DREAMS - NA Paranormal Romance
Gypsy & Druid



SECRET PROJECT - YA Paranormal Romance
April 2018 release
more to come soon!!


ANCIENT TIDES - NA Paranormal Romance
 (Vampires vs Witches)


Future Projects:
I have a number of unfinished projects and ideas swimming around in my head that I have to put on paper. These are future projects that you are likely to see when my schedule allows me the time to complete. There are no time frames for these stories, and this list will probably grow as new stuff is always popping up.

UNEXPECTED KISS - Teen Paranormal Romance (Fallen Angel)
Book 1

Book 1 - AUTUMNSTORM (Sage Sutton)
Book 2 - WINTERSPELL (Aria Chatwyn)
Book 3 - SPRINGTIDE (Brooke Langley)
Book 4 - SUMMERFIRE (Crimson Sinclair)

PAPER DOLLS - Teen Paranormal Romance (Clones)
Serial - coming soon
Book 1

DIVISA SPIN OFF - Teen Paranormal Romance (Demons/Wildhunt)

Book 1 - (Lexi's POV)


  1. I can't wait to read any of this new series one day. I do hope that you will get to them when you can.

  2. I was wondering after you are done with the Celtic Circle Series, what book series or trilogy will or would you be doing next?

    1. I'm thinking Beauty Never Sleeps. I've pushed that one off for years, and I think I need something different.

    2. This is Jessica Hoffman, I'm just on my work email address instead.

      That is great. On your website, it sayings that Autumnstorm will be coming out then Twisted - Beauty Never Sleeps? Are you going to do one book for each series, like Celtic Circle book 1, then Beauty Never Sleeps Book1, then Celtic Circle book 2 and so on or are you going to completed one series at a time?

    3. Hey Jessica. That's kind of the plan right now. I'm going to release the next 2 books in the Raven Series back to back, and I hoping to release Autumnstom by the end of 2016. Probably a December release =) Then I will alternate between the 2 series. I'm pretty sure the titles for the Beauty Never Sleeps will be changing however.

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  3. Cool! That is great, i can't wait for them. Are you going to make teaser for your fans on Wattpad?
    I had a different question for Divisa. Could you make a couple of Novella's with Hayden and Craig and Sierra from Divisa? Before Sierra was killed too. I would love to see how there lives worked out.

    1. There will definitely be teasers =)

      There is a spinoff in the works, and I think after reading Redeeming Angel, you might get a better idea who it will be centered around, but since I have other future projects in the works, it might be some time before it's released.

  4. Hi! I was just curious, do you have a timeframe for when the next books from the Raven series will be released ? Really loved the book! Couldn't put it down. Now I'm anxiously waiting the new ones :)

    1. Book 2, Black Crow is tentatively set for release Feb. 2016 =)

  5. Thanks for changing it. It looks better and more easy to read and understand it. Now i really want to read the rest of Beauty Never Sleeps Trilogy and the rest of WIP.

    A Secret Project?????? I wonder what that might be? Any clues for little old fans of yours.

    However i still would like to read The Celtic Circle books. But now i have a few more of yours to read and it will be fine.