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Saturday, December 29, 2012

LUMINESCENCE - fun stuff!

I love using visual aids when I write, along with loud, inspiring music (this week I have been on an evanescence kick).

So I thought I would share a few of the photos from Luminescence.

A few people have asked me if Holly Ridge, NC is a real place. Indeed it is. See this is their welcome to Holly Ridge sign.

I researched areas on the East Coast looking for a town that fit my criteria. The name caught my eye.

Here is a seaside view of Gavin's backyard. Not too shabby.

This is what I used to base Brianna's house. I love the huge tree and the beautiful fireplace.

It is actually a house in Tennessee, my aunt owns it ;)

This is the Riverwalk in downtown Wilmington where Gavin takes Bri on their date. Very romantic at night.

I am sure that I will be posting more pictures from the series in the near future. I already have on in mind for Amethyst Tears.


ARC's for AMETHYST TEARS (Luminescence book 2)

AMETHYST TEARS, book 2 in the Luminescence Trilogy release date is fastly approaching.

I'm giving away multiple ARC's for book bloggers and reviewers who are interested.

If you would like a copy please hit follow and then leave a comment with your email address and what eformat you prefer. Or you can email me at


Lukas is alive.
I’m talking in the flesh, and he is just as dreamy as ever.
Problem is I haven’t told Gavin. There are just no words to tell someone that your dreams… really aren’t just dreams. And I’m a sucky liar. When the two actually met, it’s a freaking disaster. Like fists flying, magic swirling and tempers flaring.
Ugh. Boys.
But Lukas and I have something in common, other than sharing dreams. Our magic has similar signatures. Nobody knows what that means. And as much as I know that it kills Gavin, Lukas is helping me control it.
The more I use my magic, the more trouble seems to find me. Loads of it. Turns out my magic might just be more dangerous than anyone bargained for.
But mostly I’m scared that my worst nightmare might come true. Gavin will give up on us.
If you haven't read LUMINESCENCE (Book 1) Get it here:

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Friday, December 28, 2012

AMETHYST TEARS (Luminescence #2) Release date!


I have a release date for the 2nd book in the Luminescence Trilogy, Amethyst Tears. It is going to be a Valentine goodie.

February 15th, 2013.

Whooray! It will be available on I will also shortly be posting the first Chapter here on my blog along with some visuals I used while writing book 1 and 2. I am all about visual aids o_0

If you haven't read book 1, pick it up here:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Also the Amazon edition has bonus scenes from Gavin's point of view.

Happy New Year everyone!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LOSING EMMA (A Divisa Novella) Freebie!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought the holiday would be a great time to give away LOSING EMMA for free. This is a prequel novella to SAVING EMMA in the Divisa series.

So for today and tomorrow only LOSING EMMA will be available for free on Amazon.

What a great way to spend some of your holiday catching up on some reading, well that's what I usually do on my days off. Lately my free time is reserved for writing. That is what I will be doing on this Holiday and looking forward to it.

Get your free copy here:

On a side note, the four day vacation from my day job is much needed. Time for some relaxation, a ton of food and get into the writing zone. My 2 boys will be out of town for most of the Holiday, so I should be able to dedicate some much needed time to AMETHYST TEARS.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Gobble! Gobble!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odds & Ends...

So I have a ton of stuff to cram into this post. Here it goes...

A lot of people have been wondering when AMETHYST TEARS will be released. In my perfect world it would ready for publication in January. I have had to push the release date back further than i had originally plan. There were many factors that contributed. My newest book SAVING ANGEL was reviewed by a few publishers, although I did end up self-pub, it took some time prepping it and whatnot.

Also I am not a full-time writer. I actually have a day job (I work in insurance). Writing for me is something I do for fun. I absolutely love the entire creative process. It's an escape. If I am not writing in my free time, I'm reading. My goal was never about the money, which is why you will never pay the retail prices most published books cost. They will always be under $5 and a few times a year you can actually get them for free!

Plus if you have read one of my books then you probably know that I am the world's worst editor 0_0 No matter how many times I re-read, I will still not catch all the mistakes. I think I have gotten better, but I am actually working with a few Beta Readers so hopefully in the future the will be better edited.

I am also currently working on a 2nd edition for LUMINESCENCE (where hopefully I will clean up many of those horrid editing mistakes. I can't promise that I will get them all, but I will do my best). For those who already have a copy and would like to update to the 2nd edition when it comes out, I would be more than happy to gift you a copy. I will be making a post as soon as it is ready. Either email at or leave a comment.

Since I first released LUMINESCENCE earlier this year I wasn't sure what I expected. This has been a fabulous learning experience, and I only hope to grow with my writing.

I thank each and every person that has helped me and given me some incredible feedback. It is greatly appreciated. And to everyone who has enjoyed one of my books, its amazing! I love the feedback, and knowing someone is as excited about a character/story as I am is priceless!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

LOSING EMMA (Divisa Novella Prequel) Heck ya!

I just wanted to send a BIG thank you to everyone who has bought SAVING ANGEL and LOSING EMMA this week.

It was a fantastic week, and I am so excited for the release of this Novella. I just love this series to pieces <3.

You guys are amazing! I am just floored from the ratings this series is getting.

If you have already read SAVING ANGEL check out LOSING EMMA available for only $1.99:



Emma Deen is no stranger to being the new girl. The word roots aren’t in her family’s vocabulary. So when she finds herself a junior at Hall High the last thing she expected was to be drawn to the magnetic Travis Winters. Those turquoise eyes and irresistible dimples tug at her heart. Dancing used to consume her world... until Travis.

Being half-demon is no picnic in the park. Friends are sparse, his love life is tricky and he was always in constant danger. Even though Travis tries to keep his distance, Emma makes it impossible for him to ignore her anymore. And his life takes on a new meaning. Hopeful. Tempting. Love.

Travis’s dark secret would not only throw them in danger, it would also change their lives. Neither of them knew what being together would lead to.

If you haven't read SAVING ANGEL check it out here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just a Treat... no Trick GIVEAWAY

Trick-or-Treat everyone!

Halloween rocks. I absolutely love to dress up. So I decided to do a giveaway. I will be giving away 5 copies of both SAVING ANGEL and LOSING EMMA as a set. These will be ebook formats of the winners choice.

To enter just leave a comment below or send me an email: jenniferlweil(at)gmail(dot)com

Winners will be chosen at random on November 12 (This also my birthday 0_0)

Read Description and Chapter 1 for both books here.

To those of you who have already read it - I thank all of you. The ratings on Goodreads have been... awesome! amazing! XOXO

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


EEEEEEE! It's finally here. Today is the release day of LOSING EMMA book #.5 in the Divisa series, an older YA Paranormal Romance novella. This is the prequel to SAVING ANGEL.

Make sure you leave a review either on amazon or goodreads ;) I heart reviews!! XOXO

LOSING EMMA is only $1.99 on Amazon.



Emma Deen is no stranger to being the new girl. The word roots aren’t in her family’s vocabulary. So when she finds herself a junior at Hall High the last thing she expected was to be drawn to the magnetic Travis Winters. Those turquoise eyes and irresistible dimples tug at her heart. Dancing used to consume her world... until Travis.

Being half-demon is no picnic in the park. Friends are sparse, his love life is tricky and he was always in constant danger. Even though Travis tries to keep his distance, Emma makes it impossible for him to ignore her anymore. And his life takes on a new meaning. Hopeful. Tempting. Love.

Travis’s dark secret would not only throw them in danger, it would also change their lives. Neither of them knew what being together would lead to.

If you haven't read SAVING ANGEL check it out here for where it is available.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As promised here is a sneak peak into LOSING EMMA a Divisa novella prequel.

LOSING EMMA will be available October 30, 2012 just in time for Halloween.


 Everybody who has read any of my books, You Rock! Thanks so much for giving my stories a chance.

Chapter 1

A teeny snowflake landed on the tip of Emma’s nose. Spreading her arms out wide, she spun in circles, face uplifted to the sky. The first snowfall of the year, and it was glorious, pure and untouched. The chilly flakes cooled her flushed cheeks. When she saw the flecks falling from her bedroom window, she knew she just had to dance in the white wonderland.
Laughing, she couldn’t imagine a more perfect first day of winter.
Her strawberry blonde hair was bold against the wintry white surrounding her. Glancing at the snowcapped treetops, she felt like Snow White without the dwarfs. What would it be like to be a princess in a frozen castle? Emma loved winter. Emma loved fairytales. And she loved to dance. For the first time in a long time, she felt like a dancing princess in her own fairytale.
Man was she lame, she thought to herself grinning.
Normally, she felt like an army brat, moving from place-to-place without any real friends or a real home. The hazards of her dad’s job, which she had yet to fully understand what that entailed. He was gone before sunrise and often returned after dusk when she was tucked away for the night. She saw so little of him that her own father often felt like a stranger. A disciplined, hard, unyielding man with his suffocating rules. He was worse than a military lieutenant.
She had seen more of the country than any girl her age should. Sure she was well diverse in different cultures, but all she had ever really wanted was to belong. To have a best friend, slumber parties, or a boyfriend she wouldn’t have to break-up with because she was once again moving across the globe.
Emma sighed and hugged her arms around herself, her bright emerald eyes shining. The sweater she wore offered little comfort against the gentle breeze of winter, but she didn’t notice. It felt exhilarating and freeing to be out in the open with the untouched world at her feet.
They only had lived here six months, and Emma was already afraid it wouldn’t last. Just this once she wanted to stay long enough to graduate with people she knew and knew her.
Two years.
Was that too much to ask for?
She was surprised how much she loved Spring Valley, Illinois. Out of all the places she’d lived there was something cute, charming and settling about the quaint town. She loved the old house, with its wrapped around porch and large rooms.
So much space. Her house was surrounded by trees with more privacy then she was used to. It was hidden from the busy bustle of the city.
She wanted roots. Here.
There was a small dance studio in town where she gave lessons to little girls. Her first real job and it was rewarding watching the impressionable girls open their world to the love of rhythm and music. She didn’t really consider it work. How could she when she loved it so much. Everyday after school she went to the studio to either teach or practice.
She constantly walked around in her iPod listening to the beats of music and composing routines in her head. When she got to the studio, she would put the routine to movement.
Dancing was the only thing that never changed. New city, new friends, new houses, but dancing was the same no matter where her parents forced her and Abigail next.
It never mattered how much she pleaded or begged. None of it made a flying pig of a difference. She finally just stopped. Resigning to her parent’s control, at eighteen her life would then be hers, with the freedom to do and go or stay as she pleased.
She felt sad and pity for Abigail, who at three years didn’t have the foggiest idea what she was in for.
Glancing out at the tree line, she caught the very distinct color of topaz. Squinting, she thought they looked like a pair of eyes, but there wasn’t another house for miles. A little apprehension snuck in her belly.
Who would be nuts enough to hike in those woods? In this weather?
Walking towards the twin glowing globes, she was more confident that they were eyes. Behind her, a rustling in the trees had her jumping like a ninny. A bright cardinal flew from a tree, boldly red and beautiful against all the fresh coat of white.
Sighing, she turned back to the woods in front of her. The golden light was gone, making her question whether it had ever been there. Scanning the immediate area, there was nothing, no one but her.
“It was probably just an animal,” she mumbled to herself unconvincing. She was just so sure. Emma wasn’t the kind of girl prone to illusions, fairytales yes, but not hallucinations.
Rubbing her hands up and down her arms, the chill of the wind finally sunk in. Heading towards the house, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that someone was watching her.
Travis descended deeper in the towering trees with their canopy white tops. Steadying a hand on the trunk, he gripped the bark.
That had been close. Too close.
He blew out a breath, watching the cold fog rush out. She had seen him, and his blood had rushed excitedly to the surface. It hadn’t been the smartest idea, hanging out in the woods behind her house, but he just wanted to make sure she was safe. And you wanted to see her, said a voice in the back of his head.
True, he just had needed to see her faerie-like features. Just one glimpse he had told himself, but then she had come outside and danced. To danced in the freshly fallen snow, with big white flakes falling from the sky, and landing in her hair. Her beautiful green eyes stood out like glittering gems.
He was damn lucky that she had noticed him when she did. He had been on the brink of doing something utterly foolish and stupid, like exposing himself from his hiding place, or one of the other crazy thoughts that had been controlling his body.
That would have been just stellar. She would think he was a raving lunatic, a stalker and who knows what else. Definitely not the impression he was looking to make.
Obviously he hadn’t been in control, and that was a problem.
Where Emma was concerned, his demon was always too close to the surface. And that frightened him, as much as it intrigued. Never before had there been a girl who affected Travis the way Emma did. Most importantly, she didn’t treat him like a leaper, or shrink from him like most people did.
Wasn’t it bad enough that he had reduced to peeking through her windows just to make she was safely at home? This fanatical obsession for her safety couldn’t possibly be healthy.
It probably bordered on neurotic.
Just great, he was turning into a freaking neurotic stalker. How the hell had he let this get so extreme? It had to stop.
For god sake, he hadn’t even really talked to her. She probably didn’t even remember his name. Wouldn’t that be his luck?
Seeing the soft yellow glow of her bedroom light, he turned to head home. Lex was probably having a hissy fit over his missing dinner… again. Well he couldn’t help it.
Just as he was about to go all demon light speed, he got the tingling down his spine, the warning of trouble. The nasty kind.
A lesser demon.
Joy. Won’t this be fun?
His own fault, he scolded.
Ugh. Why had he let himself become so consumed with the snow princess? It was going to cost him dearly now.
Totally worth it, he thought smirking. But then he remembered how close he was to Emma’s house.
Not cool. His blood froze.
The demon was on Travis like white on rice, and man was he ugly. Travis had barely enough time to defend off the attack. He had just figured out that he wasn’t alone in the woods when the lesser demon in a bitch move pounced on him from behind. The impact took them both to the frozen ground. Pine needles stuck him in all kinds of uncomfortable places from under the newly packed snow.
This was going to be dandy, just the thought left a metallic taste in his mouth. The ground was slippery and was going to make keeping the upper hand on his opponent difficult, if not nearly impossible. On a good day, he wouldn’t have a problem with just one lesser demon, but these weather conditions did nothing in his favor.
The sickly grey skin demon hovered above him. “Let’s play half-breed.”
Man he had a warped sense of fun, but Travis was game. “Bring it,” he taunted. Two could play this game.
In one smooth motion, Travis flipped the demon off him, sailing him through the forest into a nearby tree trunk. It cracked with the sound of thunder at the impact. Lower demons in their true form were brawnier and heavier falling like a giant.
“Is that all you got brute?” Travis asked, cocking his head.
With lighten speed the demon was in his air, pounding his rock solid fist into Travis pretty boy face. His head rocketed back from the force, little stars danced behind his radiant eyes. Spitting blood, Travis’s eyes glowed like fireworks on Fourth of July.
“There’s more where that came from. That’s a promise,” the demon spat.
That’s what Travis was afraid of. Dodging the next blow, he got low and bum rushed the being from hell. With a roaring grunt, he slammed him full force against an oak tree.
Christ. He was like an ogre cracked out on speed. He just kept coming and coming. Travis rammed his fist into the gut of the demon like a bullet. The skin on his knuckles broke, and blood gathered at the joints. But he ignored the pain.
The forest quickly began to darken, and Travis welcomed the biting breeze, flexing his muscles. His strength only increased with the darkness. Like most things evil, night was when the demon he had inside thrived. Giving up most of his humanity, he let his demon swim to the surface keeping just a thread of his human self in-check.
Switching tactics, Travis backed up, putting a little distance between them. What he hadn’t expected was to lose his footing under the slippery wet snow. A fatal, stupid mistake and it was going to cost him his life.
Falling to the stiff earth, Travis cursed his luck. It was too much to expect that the lesser demon wouldn’t take full advantage of his screwed up misfortune.
Of course it was.
In a blink, Travis found himself immobilized and shit up a creek. The demon had one dirty hand around his throat and the other wrapped around a hematite blade.
“That little strawberry back there… I’ll enjoy every last drop of her life.” He licked his black lips sneering. “Tasty,” he hissed raising his blade for the kill strike.
Travis saw nothing but red at the image his words caused.
Emma. His body vibrated with her name. He had to save her. But first he had to save himself. It was time to open a can of whoop ass.
Surged with adrenaline, Travis waited, counting each precious second before he made his move. It had to be precise and accurate, or his was a goner. As the lesser demon arch the shining blade over his head, Travis reached for the ruby dagger embedded in his boot. Hand secured around the hilt, he twisted and sent the dagger home, in the demon’s back nanoseconds before his blade struck Travis. He had been able to avoid the demon’s knife only to have it scrap over his shoulder. A better option than his heart, as far as Travis was concerned.
The demon in all its horror glory erupted into a shower of ash, spraying Travis with its remains. Breathing heavily, he laid on the ground letting the innocent snowflakes melt on his heated face. His shoulder throbbed, and he could feel the sticky substance of blood. It was only a matter of waiting for it to heal on its own. By tomorrow there wouldn’t be a trace of the fight he had barely walked away from.
Rickety on his feet, he forced the wave of hurt down and took off at incredible speeds to his house. Lexi was going to kill him if he got blood on the carpet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


LOSING EMMA, a Divisa Novella Prequel will be going on sale October 30, 2012!
*Happy dance* I can barely contain my excitement for this series.

Look this week for a sneak peak into Travis and Emma beginning.

A huge thanks to those who have already picked up SAVING ANGEL. Chase and Angel have had a freaking fantastic start. The 5-star ratings it has received blows my mind and I can't thank you guys enough. It makes all the heart and soul I put into the books worthwhile.


If you haven't yet read SAVING ANGEL get it here:


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AMETHYST TEARS (Luminescence Book 2)

I have been working hard on AMETHYST TEARS, book 2 in the Luminescence series, and I am getting pretty darn excited about where the story is going. Eeeeee.

I will also be posting a sneak peak, Chapter 1 in a few weeks.


Lukas is alive.

I’m talking in the flesh, and he is just as dreamy as ever.
Problem is I haven’t told Gavin. There are just no words to tell someone that your dreams… really aren’t just dreams. And I’m a sucky liar. When the two actually met, it’s a freaking disaster. Like fists flying, magic swirling and tempers flaring.
Ugh. Boys.
But Lukas and I have something in common, other than sharing dreams. Our magic has similar signatures. Nobody knows what that means. And as much as I know that it kills Gavin, Lukas is helping me control it.
The more I use my magic, the more trouble seems to find me. Loads of it. Turns out my magic might just be more dangerous than anyone bargained for.
But mostly I’m scared that my worst nightmare might come true. Gavin will give up on us.

If you haven't read LUMINESCENCE it is now available for .99 at:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

For bonus material and other stuff click here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


1. I'm a hopeless romantic.
2. I believe in true love and happy endings.
3. My favorite color is blue.
4. I LOVE country music.
5. My favorite season is summer, followed closely by fall.
6. The initials in my name stand for Jennifer Lee.
7. I am the oldest child.
8. The Green Bay Packers are the greatest team in the world.
9. I am a HUGE fan of the Yogscast! Especially Sjin.
10. I am a gamer girl. Currently playing Guild Wars 2. Favorite game would be Zelda or maybe Call of Duty.
11. I’m introverted and would rather stay at home and read than go out.
12. I’m shy and suck at chitchat.
13. My favorite TV show right now would be Vampire Diaries, followed closely by True Blood (and yep I've read the books first for both series).
14. I work full-time at an Insurance Agency and have my insurance license in the state of Illinois.
15. I’m in my mid-thirties and cried on my 30th birthday.
16. I love to draw and design my own covers. Hopefully I will only get better as I go.
17. I’m naive and see things through rose colored glasses.
18. LUMINESCENCE is my first book. I wrote it over 3 years ago and sat on it until 2012 when I rewrote more than half of it before self-publishing it.
19. My favorite book is This Calder Sky. I must have read a dozen times. Favorite in the series.
20. Oh yeah, I live in fairyland (so my husband keeps informing me).
21. I’m a very creative person in all aspects. If it is related to art in some form, I am going to try it. I still can’t figure out why I actually have a degree in Applied Science.
22. I love faeries and faerie dust.
23. I’m trendy. A girly-girl.
24. I love Ireland. It’s the land of mystic galore.
25. I'm a little in love with each of the fiction guys I write about.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cover Reveal: LOSING EMMA (A Divisa Novella) by J.L. Weil

Cover reveal for LOSING EMMA! This is a prequel novella for SAVING ANGEL.

In LOSING EMMA we get to see a glimpse into Travis and Emma's relationship and how it began.

Will be available on Amazon October 2012.

I'll be posting the exact date as it gets closer.


Emma Deen is no stranger to being the new girl. The word roots aren’t in her family’s vocabulary. So when she finds herself a junior at Hall High the last thing she expected was to be drawn to the magnetic Travis Winters. Those turquoise eyes and irresistible dimples tug at her heart. Dancing used to consume her world... until Travis.

Being half-demon is no picnic in the park. Friends are sparse, his love life is tricky and he was always in constant danger. Even though Travis tries to keep his distance, Emma makes it impossible for him to ignore her anymore. And his life takes on a new meaning. Hopeful. Tempting. Love.

Travis’s dark secret would not only throw them in danger, it would also change their lives. Neither of them knew what being together would lead to.

Haven't read book 1 SAVING ANGEL yet... get it here:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Bonus Material: LUMINESCENCE part 2

Bonus Material ~ LUMINESCENCE

As promised here is another scene from Gavin's point-of-view. It will also be up on the Luminescence fan page on facebook today.

And if you haven't had the chance, check out the 1st book in my new series SAVING ANGEL available now.

~The kiss~

I watched as the array of emotions flickered over her face. She had for the first time believed in herself. Believed in her magic and the result had been astonishing. The sudden change in her violet eyes tugged on my heart. Would I always feel this overwhelming need to protect her? Even from the simplest of things?
“What’s wrong,” I asked the moment the door to my room was closed. Her eyes looked around the room before settling back to me. She had the most incredible eyes. There was still a glimmer of magic shimmering in them.
She sighed. “Everyone keeps telling me how much power I have. I don’t want it all. I don’t want to be some super witch.”
It pained me to hear the anguish in her voice, and the struggle she was going through learning to wield her powers. I didn’t have the command to change her fate, and I was selfish enough that I was glad we this in common. It not only connected us, but there was something between us I couldn’t even explain.
What she needed to hear was cold truth, some tough love. Nothing would be gained by pretending ignorance. It wouldn’t make her power less or more. “I don’t see how you have much choice in the matter,” I replied.
“That’s just it. I’m scared of it. What if I can’t control it? You’ve told me that I’ve used it before, and I never even knew.” Her eyes were wide and brimming with uncertainty, doubt.
Immediately I thought about the night we first kissed. Though her fears were all warranty, she didn’t give herself enough credit. She was so much stronger. I could feel the strength of her power pulsing from her, even if she couldn’t. It washed over me.
I took a stepped towards her, the ribbon of my magic calling to hers, pulling me to her. The admission was tumbling from me before I even had a chance to think about. “You used magic on me the first time we kissed.”
“What are you talking about?” she asked puzzled and her amethyst eyes darkened.
It made my blood rush. She didn’t have the foggiest idea how those eyes got to me. All I knew was there was too much space between us. “I felt it that night, under the moon. You demanded me to kiss you. Your eyes lit with this incredible dark violet. The moon reflected in your sultry eyes.”
“Are you saying I made you kiss me?” Her voice horrified.
This was coming out all wrong. How was I blundering so horribly bad?
It was turning into an epic fail.
How“No…” I pleaded for her to understand. “It wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t wanted to. You just nudged what I was already thinking,” I said advancing on her into a corner.
She shifted her fingers through her hair, and the scent of her shampoo hit me in the gut. “I can’t believe that I used magic to make you kiss me,” she replied with her cheeks tinting pink.
The flush of color was endearing. She was too occupied to notice the gleam in my glance. “You didn’t make me Bri,” I reiterated. I didn’t know how else to make her understand what I was so miserably bombing at. There was something between us that was undeniable.
“I’m sorry,” she uttered and attempted to leave.
I blocked her exit, and wrapped my fingers around her arm. An electrified bolt zinged on contact, a result of our magic fusing together. I watched as her eyes shoot tiny purple stars. “I’m not,” I demanded and promptly brought my lips down on hers.
Our mouths melding together, she tasted inexplicably like the sweetest strawberries. Her back hit the wall as I pulled her closer so our bodies collided. I was done trying to hide from what she made me feel, done ignoring that there was something larger between us than just being witches. It was past time I stopped pretending she was just a girl. Every fiber in my being knew Bri would never be just a girl.
Her fingers curled in my hair, and her teeth scraped over the hoop on my lip. The world exploded behind my eyes. I felt her heart beat wildly like a train against mine. Trailing a hand up and down her side, my fingers seemed to have a mind of their own, and I was unable to resist the temptation.
Good god. She made everything disappear, everything except her.
She pulled back just a fraction. It was all I would really allow, and I stifled a whimper. “Tell me I didn’t make you do that,” she murmured against my mouth. It was nearly impossible to not take her lips again.
I sighed knowing that if I didn’t pull away now, I wouldn’t be able to. This moment, this time when she was confused and unsure wasn’t right. “No, you didn’t,” I assured. “I don’t want to let you go.” At least that was the truth.
“Don’t,” she pleaded.
Heaven help me, she was killing me. Literally killing me. I wasn’t about to take advantage of her no matter what my body encouraged. She didn’t need another complication in her life, and I still didn’t know exactly what was going on. All I knew was that there was so much more to Bri than either of us could possible know. “I don’t know that I have a choice,” I said regretfully. “There is so much you don’t understand… I don’t understand.”
“What more do you need to know? I thought me being a witch was what you wanted. Now you’re telling me that you don’t know what you want?”
“It’s not that simple Bri,” I argued.
“Nothing is with you,” she said flatly.

SAVING ANGEL, A Divisa Novel by J.L. Weil Release Day

Whoo-ray! It's finally here. Today is the release day of SAVING ANGEL book #1 in the Divisa series, an older YA Paranormal Romance.

Make sure you leave a review either on amazon or goodreads ;) I heart reviews!!

SAVING ANGEL is only $3.99 on Amazon.



I wondered what my life would be like if we had never moved to the ho-dunk town of Spring Valley, Illinois. Sure the internet service was splotchy, there was nothing but miles of wheat fields and I probably wouldn’t be faced with death at every corner.

My only neighbor in this god forsaken town was… well there really is only one to describe him, hot as hell. With his sinful dark looks, unusually silver eyes and kissable lips, there was something about him that was more than meets the eye.

Of course I was determined to find out.

Chase Winters might be drool-worthy, but he is also insufferable, arrogant and … in short a d-bag. Our relationship is anything but love at first sight. Not even close. There is something weird about the family living next door.

What I hadn’t expected to find was an underworld of trouble.

Chase and his cousins Lexi and Travis are Divisa, half-demon, half-human.  Getting them angry is hardly in my best interest, not if I wanted to live.

As it turns out, that might be the least of my problems. I’ve been tagged by hell.

Now every ugly, nasty being from hades is on my trail. I have suddenly became a magnet for demon disaster and the only way I am getting out of this alive is by putting my life in the demon spawn’s hands.

One wrong decision and my butt is toast.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sneak Peak: SAVING ANGEL available 09/07/12

SAVING ANGEL will be on sale this Friday 09/07/12 for sale on Amazon. Eeep!

This is an older young adult paranormal romance (recommended for 16+).

Here is a sneak peak inside Angel and Chase's story.

This sucked.
I scurried the boxes littered and stacked over my new room. We had been here for three days. Three. Long. Boring. Days. The idea of unpacking made me groan, and there was still so much to do.
Moving blows.
I hated the thought of unpacking all these boxes as much as I hated being here.
Not only did I have to leave everything I ever knew behind, I was now stuck in some ho-dunk town in the middle of nowhere.
No freaking joke. I am not even sure that Spring Valley, Illinois was a blip on the map.
The one-stoplight town was freakishly small, nothing like Tuscan. There were more wheat fields than there were residents. I felt so isolated here. The closet city was Princeton, a good twenty minutes away. A country girl I was not. They had grain elevators for god sake, what the hell were grain elevators? I couldn’t even Google it.
Thank god it had a library, or I might have never stepped foot inside the town – if you could call it that. So far the library was the only thing the town had going for it.
Even the house we now reside in was eerie. I was jumping at every creak and groan. It was like the house was alive, haunted or in reality uber old. Sure it was a ton bigger than the condo we used to live in, but there hadn’t been any ghosts lurking in the corners or cobwebs the size of my head. I shuddered to think of what kind of spiders spun webs like that.
What had my mom been thinking?
Apparently that we were in need of a fresh start. A chance to start over, to live and leave behind the past.
A past I was glad to say au revoir.
I sighed, wishing at least the Internet had been hooked up. Was that too much to ask for after everything? My emails were probably flooded with junk, my Xbox was heavily collecting dust and I was having Call of Duty withdrawals. Not having the Xbox to tool around with was like having my arm or leg cut off.
I was a complete gamer. My mom didn’t understand my gaming obsession, or the escape it gave me from my real life. Right now, it was all I had to keep me grounded and sane. The move, my friends, my dad… Fascinating worlds, zombie maps and enthralling stories were my safe haven.
Sitting on the edge of my unmade bed, I brushed my dark hair out of my face.
I missed the Arizona heat. It was like a slap in the face – crack. Nothing would ever be the same. Miles and miles stretched between everything I left behind, willingly. It wasn’t so much that I hated Tuscan, my condo, or even my old school. Those were all things I would mourn.
I missed my life before everything changed.
Before my dad turned into a raging alcoholic.
Before all the heated fighting, before the drunken late nights, before I lost my dad and what felt like part of me. When everything had been perfect and we had been happy.
Our family vacations to Florida, swimming and picnicking, swatting away the overeager seagulls trying to steal our food. Mom rolling on the sand laughing or curled up on the couch with my dad, it seemed like yesterday.
Now our family was broken. Torn apart. There were no more goodbye kisses before work, no movies on Saturday night. Instead it was just mom and I. Well mostly just me.
My eyes welled up, and I swiped the tears away quickly, not letting them rolled down my freckle dusted cheeks. I refused to cry. Crying didn’t change the past, and it wouldn’t change that fact that I now lived in hicktown USA.
Sure I had all been for a fresh start, but I was thinking more in the lines of somewhere exciting, like Miami, Chicago or Laguna Beach. The kids there always looked happy. Not in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks daddy dearest.
Oh my dad wasn’t dead, but my mom might wish he was.
He was now a ward of the Arizona Department of Corrections. How’s that for dysfunctional family? Mine pretty much takes the cake.
As soon as the divorce papers had been signed, ink not even dry, I found myself in a mad dash across borders. Everything we owned trailing behind us and some guy who used to be a shadow of the man I remembered was locked behind bars.
I know he is my dad, but after everything, he was as good as dead to me.
My mom wanted to forget his existence. Their problems dated back way before the accident. I have chosen to block most of it from my mind. A little self-induced blackout never hurt. My heart ached for the loss of both parents.
She was no longer the same either.
Gone was the maternal mother with her whiskey colored eyes so opposite of my own dark blue. In her place was a woman given a second chance, she was still my mom but with a carefree youth to her. She was a single woman for the first time in twenty years. I think she decided life was too short, and sometimes she was more like my best friend than a mom, always saying something totally inappropriate.
Ever since my dad had disappeared, she worked like a madwoman. Doing everything in her power to create a better life for us, this included breaking her back with long hours at the station.
She worked second shift for the Princeton police department as a dispatcher. Her hours included many twelve hour plus days, meaning I spent a lot of time alone. No big deal, except the whole dilemma with no Internet. Who in their right mind would want to spend the remaining of their summer vacation clamped up in this spooky house with no access to the real world?
Hell no. Not me.
I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I had bought a slew of new Xbox games before leaving Tuscan. Only problem, I didn’t know which box they were in.
Opening one of the boxes in front of me, I knew they weren’t going to unpack themselves. I wasn’t even sure how I wanted to rearrange and decorate my new room.
Decisions. Decisions.
Since we were going for a fresh start, I thought it was time my room got a makeover as well. New bedding, new paint, this whole country living vibe wasn’t working for me. If I had to live in hickville then at least I could make it my own.
First order, get Internet. This wasn’t the blasted stone ages. Please God tell me we get cable in the backwoods.
Looking around the room, I decided to screw the boxes. There was always tomorrow and the day after.
I raced down the stairs into the kitchen.
My mom was at the stove whipping up an early dinner before she headed into the station for her shift. The air was permeated with smells that sent my belly rumbling, reminding me that I had skipped lunch. If there was one thing my mom had going for her, she was an amazing cook.
She also was beautiful. Her body was curvy in all the right places, which I could thank her for. Tied at waist was a geometric apron which looked ridiculous against her tight jeans and halter top. That was another thing that changed. She dressed like a Victoria Secret model. Was it normal to be jealous of your mom?
The light brown of her shiny hair caught against the lamplight. She had boobs that were envious, where I had virtually none to speak of. Okay maybe I didn’t have the chest of a twelve year old boy, but seriously an A-cup was nothing to boast about.
“Hmmm,” I murmured. “What smells so good?” I asked plopping my skinny butt into one of the bar stools.
“Hi honey, hungry?” She flipped a mess of pasta and chicken smothered in some kind of garlic sauce.
My mouth literally watered on sight. I put a hand to my stomach to try and quiet the grumbling. “Starved.”
Her smile beamed at me over the counter, flashing perfectly pearly teeth. “Good. I got this new recipe from Paula Dean. It’s almost ready.” She was a Food Network whore. It was pretty much the only channel she watched.
“What time is your shift today?” I asked, wondering when she would be home. I wasn’t exactly thrilled at being in the haunted house by myself.
“I’m set to work from three-to-three. Then I have a few days off. We could get this place in…” She scanned the array of boxes strewn all over the rooms. “Order while I’m home,” she finished cringing and placed a steaming plate of pasta in front of me.
I closed my eyes in appreciation. Forking a heap into my readily waiting mouth, I sighed. Yum. Heaven. “This is amazing,” I declared with a mouth full of garlic paradise. The flavors popped.
Most parents thought twice about leaving their teenage daughter alone so often. Not mine. She didn’t even bat an eye, mostly because I never gave her a reason not to trust me. First off, I was kind of boring and preferred the company of my laptop and my Xbox. Not that I was socially awkward, it was just my thing. Also I was a good kid. I got good grades, I’ve never been in trouble before, and overall I was pretty darn responsible.
She sat beside me with her plate. “Good, I’m glad you like it.”
I was thinking that if she always cooked like this, I’d have to exercise more than just my fingers hitting the keyboard, which was about the extent of my workout.
After a moment of her eyeing me thoughtfully, I couldn’t stand it anymore. “What?” I asked.
“Are you sure you’re okay? I know how hard this has all been on you.” Meaning the move, my dad, a new school, the list was growing.
“Mom, I’m fine,” I assured. She didn’t look convinced. “Really,” I stressed. That seemed to pacify her for now. I didn’t want her worrying about me. She had enough of her own stuff, without adding my pile of crap on top.
“Are you excited for school? I bet they have some really hot guys here,” she dangled like it was a tempting snickers bar.
I choked on my pasta, the sauce burning up my nose. She couldn’t possibly be serious. “I guess,” I managed after taking a swig of water to ease the burn and wash down the pasta stuck in my throat. “If you’re into hillbillies in overalls, accents thick enough to cut glass and beer bellies.” I didn’t really know if anyone from around here had accents, but I don’t see how they couldn’t.
She always said my smart mouth was going to get me in trouble. At this moment however, she didn’t find my mouth very funny, and her eyes let me know it. “You might be surprised. I bet there is a hottie or two.”
Goodie gumdrops. Wasn’t I the lucky one?
“Gross mom stop. If you dig a hole any deeper, I won’t be able to pull you out.”
“Have you met our neighbors yet?” she asked with a cunning smile, like she had a secret she was dying to spill.
I gave her a strange look, wondering if she was self-medicating. “No, should I be stalking them or something?”
“I just thought we should be neighborly, that’s all. I want us to get off on the right foot here.”
That was all, my ass.
Whatever. I had more important things to talk about than my farm lovin’ neighbors.
“When are we getting the Internet?”
She rolled her eyes. “Angel, a few days without the Xbox won’t kill you.”
I wasn’t so sure about that. “Tell me we are getting it at least.” I was on the verge of whining here.
“Yes,” she assured me. “They should be out this weekend, on my day off.”
Someone up there must love me. I said a silent pray of thanks.
Rising off my plate, I looked over my shoulder. “Any chance I could go shopping. I was thinking of remodeling my room. You know, part of the whole starting over thing.” I felt guilty once the words left my mouth. She didn’t need me rubbing it in and taking advantage of the situation. I almost opened my mouth to tell her to forget it, I didn’t need to redecorate. What I had was fine.
She smiled at me sadly. “Of course.” Diggin in her purse, she pulled out a wad of the green stuff and set it on the counter. “Will that be good?”
“Yeah mom… thanks.” I went over and gave her a hug. Her arms tightened around me.
“Do you remember how to get into town? Oh and maybe you should get a new outfit or two,” she added eyeing my clothes.
“What?” I said, glancing down at my tattered jeans, just the way I liked them and my Arizona State t-shirt.
She lifted a brow.
“How about I just run around naked?”
She never missed a beat. “You always were at the height of fashion. Just don’t expect me to pick up on that trend.”
Mom! Fine,” I huffed. “And yes I remember how to get to town. There is only one street in and out anyway. How hard can it be? I’ll probably go tomorrow.” Someone had to start on these boxes. It was evident that someone was going to be me.
She gathered her purse and paused in the doorway. “Angel?”
“I love you.”
My throat constricted. I swallowed hard. “I love you too.”
“Call me if you need anything and don’t work yourself to hard. We’ll tackle most of these boxes together, this weekend. Got it?”
I nodded, watching her walk out the squeaking old door.
Great. Does anything not make a creepy noise in this house?
Relinquishing, I decided that if she could make an effort, so could I. Heading back upstairs I started to attack the boxes. Each item I uncovered brought a new spear of yearning for my old life. The family photos I had it cutesy rhinestone frames, the fabric board with memorabilia of my old friends and school, they were all reminders of what I no longer had.
I found the box with my video games. It was like finding an old friend.
Gathering the empty cardboard boxes, I dragged them outside and placed them at the end of the driveway for pickup.
Did the sun never shine here in this hellhole?
Looking up, the sky was murky and cloudy. The warmth was nothing like Arizona with its constant sun and dry heat. By nature I was a sun seeker. The monotonous sky made me miss the blinding brightness of Tuscan. I doubted I could get a proper tan here. The people in this town were probably looked like ghosts.
Dusting off my hands I turned to head back inside and jumped as I was stopped in my tracks. There was a girl about my age a few feet in front of me, except she didn’t look like any girl I’ve ever seen before.
She was extraordinary. Perfect blonde hair, killer body (great boobs and all), sexy dimples from the smile she aimed at me. Her clothes looked like something you would get in Hollywood Boulevard, reminding me that I suddenly looked like the hick.
Just Great, I thought. Why didn’t I at least comb my hair this morning?
And to think I thought I was going to stand out like a sore thumb. She would have stood out even in Tuscan. Her legs went on forever, but it was her eyes that captivated me. They were the craziest turquoise, like shinning gems. Her smile was warm and friendly.
“Hi. I live next door,” she indicated to the only other house for miles around. Her voice sounded sweet and innocent. “I’m Lexi. I hope I didn’t startle you. I’m forever doing that.”
I brushed a hand over my hair, trying to smooth any flyaways. “I just didn’t hear you. I’m Angel. We just moved in.”
She smiled brighter as I introduced myself. It was a little weird, like she found me funny, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t said anything funny. I usually know.
“I saw you guys move in, and I’ve been meaning to find an excuse to stop over and introduce myself. When I saw you come outside, I figure this would be as good a time as any. I didn’t want to inconvenience you right after you moved in. It can be such a hassle unpacking.”
“You have no idea,” I muttered. She chattered like a mile a minute, not entirely sure how I was able to keep up, but I liked her enthusiasm. It was nice change to all the dull wheat growing everywhere.
“I was so happy when I saw you, a girl my age. As you can see we are kind of lacking for neighbors.”
No shit sherlock.
“It’s been so long since someone lived in your house. I’m really glad you guys bought.” She was so sincere in eagerness I couldn’t help but like her. “Do you have plans tomorrow?” she asked.
“Ummm,” I muttered caught off guard. “I was thinking about going into town and doing some shopping, clothes and new bedding, I’m redecorating.”
“Oh fun! I love decorating… and shopping. Any chance you would want to hang out? I could show you were all the cool stores are.” There was a hint of hopefulness in her tone.
It took me only a second to answer. “Yeah, that would be great.” By judging her clothes, she had great taste. Plus this was me making an effort. If I was going to be stranded here, it would be really nice to have one friend.
“Great. I’m so excited. Just come over when you are ready to leave. I’ll let you get back to unpacking. It was really nice to meet you Angel.”
“Please don’t do me any favors.”
She laughed her dimples peeking on either side of her rosy cheeks. “You’re funny.”
We started back up the driveway. “I’m really glad you came over Lexi. See you tomorrow.”
Maybe Spring Valley wouldn’t be that bad. At the very least, Lexi did not have an accent.
Yeah for the small pleasures.