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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My inner cowgirl

These hats by Cowgirl Swank are my new fashion obsession. I. Absolutely. Adore them to pieces. I love the funky fur and bling combo. If its got bling, I'll probably wear it ;)

I've been country line dancing for years, and this would make the perfect accessory to get my boot scootin boogie on (truly this is a name of a line dance). Yep I do live in Chicago, but I've always felt like I should have been born a country girl. I'm a total jean and boot rockin' kind of gal.

*I love country music.
*I love horses & horseback riding. (the goal is to someday have a ranch and a horse. My husband is not exactly on board with this plan)
*I love Tennessee, Nashville specifically. (this would be the idea location for my make believe ranch)
*Cowboys are dreamy.
*Southern hospitality really does exist.

Cowgirl Swank does custom hats, my only dilemma is which style do I choose?

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