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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

whoooo oooooo

I just reached my first 1,000 sales. Luminescence has been out for just a little less than a month. It has been completely awesome processes, writing, editing (not my fav) and publishing my first book. I couldn't be happier with the results and the people who have encouraged and supported me - you guys are awesome!

Plus the amount of international sales have been great. This whole experienced has opened new doors I never thought I been able to reach.

I've been hard working on the 1st book in my new series Earth Bound. Which should be ready to go viral in August 2012 & then I go straight to finishing and editing Amethyst Tears (Book 2 in Luminescence). Book 2 is expected to be released Fall of 2012.

Check back for upcoming details.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Freebie and Ramblings

Today was the first day of Luminescence free on - a smashing success. Well for me it was. I was completely hesitant about entering my book in amazon's KDP select program. The idea of taking my book off the other sites and making it strictly available to kindle wasn't exactly idea, but in the end I think the exposure was good for the book. And I am ultimately glad that I decided to try it.

Lately I've focused so much attention on promoting and querying Luminescence (rejection can be brutal) that I need to get back into writing. I've started a new 4-book series that I am super excited about it. I think it is the best book I've written so far. It's called the Elements of Hidden Harbor, and there is a preview available to read here.

If you haven't figure it out yet I love to write fantasy - mostly really witches. I love magic! And lots and lots of romance. I am a sucker for love! I am shooting to have the new book Earth Bound released in August 2012. I wrote 5,000 words last night and am hoping to get another 5K in tonight before I go out for some line dancing.

I have also been working on book 2 Amethyst Tears but only have a few chapters complete. My heart hasn't been in the right place while I am still promoting Luminescence. But I am aiming to have it ready in October for release.

Much love from fairyland.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Luminescence - Free

Luminescence for the next two weeks will be available exclusive to On June 6th and 7th it will be free! That's right free! I am very excited about this.

After the running promotion it will be back up on the other sites, smashwords and B&N. I do apologize for any who planned on buying it from one of them, but know that it will return. ;)

During the promotion it will still be available in paperback at Make sure you check it out there and grab a copy.

Thank you for everyones support!