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Monday, June 29, 2015

Update and stuff

I have written a blog in forever. Why? Well two reasons, really.

1) I've been nose deep in working on Redeeming Angel

2) I'm just that flaking, and now I'm feeling guilty about it 

I am very close to finishing Redeeming Angel and sharing the release date. The last chapters are always the hardest for me, and in this case especially so. I love the ever-loving crap out of these characters so much!! This series really made me feel like an author, if that makes any sense, and I will be sad when it ends.

However, I do have big plans in the future for new books and maybe possibly a Lexi spinoff (pondering the idea down the long road). 

And in the meantime, if you need a Chase and  Angel fix once you have finished reading Redeeming Angel, I have decided to do a collection of Divisa Excerpts on my Wattpad, where I will be writing bonus scenes of Chase & Angel's life after Redeeming Angel. This will be a project I work on when I'm bored, inspired, or need a break from my WIP.

I might also take requests for scenes you guys would like to read =)

So, I threw together a quick cover. The collection will be called, Eternally Angel.

Also, to celebrate the upcoming release for Redeeming Angel, you can now get Saving Angel for FREE!!! So if you know a friend who might be interested in...

Love your guts out!