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Monday, April 1, 2013

A typical evening 0_o

Usually this is how an evening of writing works for me. It's like a science.

Boot-up laptop
Get bored and start playing Candy Crush on phone
Open Word document
Scroll through document
Reread paragraph trying to remember where I left off
Stare at Word, trying to remember all the great ideas I had while driving home from my 9-5
Type a sentence or two. Maybe more if I’m feeling saucy
Check out Facebook waiting to get inspired
Get inspired but not with writing – home d├ęcor
Stalk some decorating blogs
Follow some interesting ones
Then check out my blog
Scold myself for getting sidetrack. Write a paragraph, maybe a page, thinking, oh yeah on a roll
Candy Crush again. Finally pass that level I’ve been stuck on for a week. Give myself a silent high-five
Open YouTube and watch newest Yogscast video
Laugh butt off like an insane person. It can’t be helped.
Husband sticks head in to see what is so funny. “I thought you were writing.”
Busted. Quick close YouTube. “I am, right now.”
Get myself in the zone and write another paragraph
Find myself on Amazon reading people’s comments
Then over to Goodreads for some more lurking
Prowl on Twitter for awhile
Post a tweet, #hashtag like a madwoman
Yell at myself for being on Twitter
Pledge to writing at least 1,000 words without any interruptions
Halfway through realize I haven’t checked my emails in a few hours
Which then leads to more stalking numerous websites
Look at clock and groan. Realize I actually need to write if I am going to finish this book. Do that.
Get a new scene in my head. Stop writing what I’m writing and skip ahead to new scene
End night, ready for bed
Then all the good stuff hits. Look at laptop cooling and grab notebook
Jot down ideas for tomorrow

Hopefully I am not the only author with sporadic habits. *sighs*
Though somehow a few months later I end up with a manuscript draft. Pretty-freaking-unbelievable.

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