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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The kinds of stuff you'll find in my books...

So I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of stuff that you are likely to find in reading one of my books.


1. Jared Padalecki. J/K. How awesome would it be if you could? Though I would prefer Jensen Ackles. (Have I mentioned that I have a thing for Jensen Ackles?)
2. Hot guys with piercings
3. Hot guys with tattoos
4. Hot guys with piercings and tattoos (ok I think I got all the hotness covered)
5. Hot Bad boys. Correction. To drool for bad boys.
6. Swearing. In real life I swear like a sailor, so I try real hard to tone it down in my books.
7. A ton of description about eyes. @_@ I have a thing for eyes. It's my favorite feature, and I really like exotic eyes. I just realized that both my series have glowing eyes - lol.
8. Alpha males. I like my male leads to be possessive and protective.
9. Sarcasm.
10. Cliches.
11. Steamy, magnetism sexual tension.
12. Kissing and more...oh yeah. I like the and more part.
13. Cliffhangers.
14. A fun read. (I hope)

For those Luminescence fans, I will have exciting news to share in the near future!


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