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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exciting Guests - The lo down from Chase & Angel

Guys, I have a special treat for you today. The other day I did a Q&A about the Divisia series and today we have two awesome guests from the books. They have agreed to answer a few questions.

Me: Chase & Angel, say hello...
Angel: "Hey."
Chase: "Sup."
Angel: *eye roll*

Me: "Chase, the fans are dying to know if you are single?"
Chase: "Define single."
Angel: *kicks him*
Chase: "Ouch. What was that for?"
Me: "Are you dating anyone special?"
Chase: "Am I ever."

Me: "Ookay, now that we have sort of established that you two are still an item, Angel what is it like to be linked to Chase?"
Angel: "It is like having the worst period cramp of your life."
Chase: *snickers* "Come on Angel Eyes, you love being bonded to me. What girl wouldn't?"
Angel: "See what I have to deal with."

Me: "Chase, what is it like to be a sex symbol?"
Chase: "It's just a burden I've had to live with."
Angel: *snorts very unlady-like*

Me: "Moving on. Angel would you say that your relationship with Chase was love at first sight?"
Angel: "It was more like love at first glare."
Me: "Chase?"
Chase: "Ditto."

Me: "I have to ask. Angel, is Chase a good kisser?"
Chase: *smirks*
Angel: *flushes* "Umm."
Chase: "You better have something other than umm. Do you need a refresher?"
Angel: "Keep your lips to yourself bucko. His kisses are like...dynamite. They are explosive."
Chase: *smugly leans close* "Later then..."
Me: *fans self* "Whoa that was intense."

Me: "Thanks guys. It's was...interesting."
Chase: "We like to keep things spontaneous."
Me: "I just bet you do." *giggles*

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