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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exciting stuff...

Got some exciting news. Before the end of the month I will have signed copies of both SAVING ANGEL & HUNTING ANGEL to giveaway. Stay tuned for more details =)

Every day since the release of HUNTING ANGEL, I am more blown away. It has been a little over a year since my first book, and I just can't believe how much fun and awesome this is!! You guys are all freaking amazing!

So some of you might have seen that I have a running poll for the summer on which book I should write next. Well, I have a pretty good feeling that my boy Chase is going to take the prize. He is just so darn edible.

I have been getting lots of inquires on when the release will be for CHASING ANGEL (can I just say now, that I love the name of this book. It actually was the name of the first book before I decided to turn it into a series). And the truth is, I just don't know. Sorry guys, but I promise that if Chase & Angel do win the poll, I will working on the story asap.

I am hoping to have BREAKING EMMA ready for publication sometime toward the end of summer beginning of fall. So at least we will get a little bit of a Chase fix. He will be making a few appearances in Emma's book, I am sure.

Big hugs. XOXO

**If you haven't noticed, I am going through a huge Supernatural fangirl phase. I just can't wait to get my hands on, I mean can't get enough of Jensen Ackles.

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  1. My Husband watches Supernatural. Woot on a new book and the giveaways.