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Thursday, March 28, 2013


So I am supposed to be doing some serious writing, but I am in FULL procrastination mode.

Hey. Damon.

Yes you do.

Today is Thursday, my fav night of the week. Hmm Vampire Diaries. Stating it now that I have a serious girl-crush on Damon. Yes, I squeal a little inside and smirk every time I see him. *smirks right now*

So in celebration of my writing laziness, I thought I would post Brianna's outfit she wore to Tori's Holiday bash. Well, at least what it looks in my head.

The micro-mini jean skirt (if you can call it that)

This is a top that Aria wore from Pretty Little Liars.

And last but not least the kickass boots.

I'll be doing some more visuals from my series and also some teasers coming soon for Hunting Angel.

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