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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odds & Ends...

So I have a ton of stuff to cram into this post. Here it goes...

A lot of people have been wondering when AMETHYST TEARS will be released. In my perfect world it would ready for publication in January. I have had to push the release date back further than i had originally plan. There were many factors that contributed. My newest book SAVING ANGEL was reviewed by a few publishers, although I did end up self-pub, it took some time prepping it and whatnot.

Also I am not a full-time writer. I actually have a day job (I work in insurance). Writing for me is something I do for fun. I absolutely love the entire creative process. It's an escape. If I am not writing in my free time, I'm reading. My goal was never about the money, which is why you will never pay the retail prices most published books cost. They will always be under $5 and a few times a year you can actually get them for free!

Plus if you have read one of my books then you probably know that I am the world's worst editor 0_0 No matter how many times I re-read, I will still not catch all the mistakes. I think I have gotten better, but I am actually working with a few Beta Readers so hopefully in the future the will be better edited.

I am also currently working on a 2nd edition for LUMINESCENCE (where hopefully I will clean up many of those horrid editing mistakes. I can't promise that I will get them all, but I will do my best). For those who already have a copy and would like to update to the 2nd edition when it comes out, I would be more than happy to gift you a copy. I will be making a post as soon as it is ready. Either email at or leave a comment.

Since I first released LUMINESCENCE earlier this year I wasn't sure what I expected. This has been a fabulous learning experience, and I only hope to grow with my writing.

I thank each and every person that has helped me and given me some incredible feedback. It is greatly appreciated. And to everyone who has enjoyed one of my books, its amazing! I love the feedback, and knowing someone is as excited about a character/story as I am is priceless!


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