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Saturday, August 16, 2014

I've been slacking...

Guys, I am super sorry. August has been an insanely crazy month for me between school starting for my kids, working full time, one of them is getting braces this week *cringes* and trying to get Loving Angel ready for my editor.

This is how I feel after hours of editing. It's not a pretty sight.

On top of all that, I got a new little puppy.
She is the sweetest Maltese/Havanese, but having a puppy and training her takes dedication.

*takes deep breath*

This Tuesday I am going to start back up with the Loving Angel teasers. Also look for the announcement this coming week for the release date!! I am soooooooooo excited to share this book, and so is Chase. It was definitely a challenge for me to write the entire book from his POV. I hope that I did him justice.

The finally book in the series will be written in a duel POV from both Chase and Angel, and will be released in 2015.

You guys are the best!!!

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