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Monday, December 9, 2013

Random ramblings...

I don't really have any fabulous news, it just feels like I haven't blogged in forever. 

First let me say that I am already having Daryl Dixon withdrawals. February? Really?

On an upbeat note, I sent Chasing Angel to the editor. The moment I hit send, I had a panic attack. I never feel like a book is ready, and I already want to go back in make a million more changes, but I am restraining myself until after I get the edits back. *Deep breath*

If you haven't checked them out yet, there are a few giveaways in the below post with awesome prizes!!! Thank you guys for sharing your favorite cookie recipes. I am officially craving Christmas.

I am thinking while Chasing Angel is in edits I will write a bonus Christmas scene…hmmm

There will also be some upcoming posts about Weaving Magick. I will be working on designing a cover (I need the visual inspiration), and I am thinking about giving a sneak peak of Chapter 1.

And lastly, I have a short story called Blood, Love, and Magic that is being released under Nevermore Press in 2014. I guess I did have some exciting news after all.  I will post more deets once I know.

You guys rock my socks!!!


  1. I am super excited for chasing angel. I herd it was going to be written in chases pov, if it is is the whole book going to be in his pov? I hope the editors like it.

    1. Hey Shawna, Chasing Angel is still written from Angel's POV, but there is going to be a book written from Chase's, book 4, Loving Angel =)