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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh. Meh. Gerd.

Why yes it is.

I can't believe my last post was almost a month ago. Jeesh. What is wrong with me?
A lot, but we won't get into that @_@

So I have had just a crazy summer and there has been lots of changes and changes still to come. As you know Luminescence was picked up by Nevermore Press, and I am so excited to see how the final product turns out for the first two books.

Luminescence will be released on Nov. 15th and Amethyst Tears on Dec. 20th. I will post more info as I get it ;)

Some of you may be wondering what is going on with the last two books in both series...

Honestly I don't know what I was thinking writing two series at once. That was never in my plan, but Chase and Angel kept nagging me and I couldn't stop until I had it written done. And I am so glad that I did! Though sometimes I cross streams and if you have ever seen Ghostbusters than you know that is a big no-no, which is why I feel it is really important that I have a great team like Nevermore helping me out.

It is not yet official because I have been struggling with the decision for the last month or so whether I also re-release the books under Nevermore who have expressed great interest in the Divisa series, which I totally don't blame them. I mean, Chase and Angel are just dynamite in my opinion;) I love those two <3

I know it will totally stink having to wait a little longer for the books and I know some of you could care less about the many mistakes I make, but I know quite a few people who will be rejoicing. A polished book I can be proud and readers will thoroughly enjoy is my ultimate goal. I hope you all don't hate me for making you wait just a little longer to read the books ;(

As soon as I have definate release dates and fun info to share I will be posting here and most difinitely tweeting it. Twitter got a mouthful from me last night ;)

I love you guys - thanks so much for giving my books a shot. It literally means the world to me.

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  1. I just found your divisa series and read both books in 3days. Chase and angel are great! I did find many grammar mistakes but when the story is this intense it's easy to overlook to keep going and see what happens next! A polished book is ok to wait for as long as its not too long. I'll have to find a different series to read to keep me busy ,so I hope I don't forget about your characters. I read a book every 2 or 3 days and go thru alot of stories,please don't wait too long.
    Dec 1st would be fine, hint ,hint!! Good luck and happy writing.
    You do write well,I have fell for characters easily so don't think that you need to change much,just continue the story and make it at least 400-500 pages. The more the better or even more books in the series would be great! I don't know about other readers but I know when I am looking for a new book,I look for ones with lots of books in the series so I can totally lose myself for months with the same people and when the plot is great and the story is smooth, I read faster and buy the books all at once so I have them at my fingertips.
    Anyway, thanks for having a great imagination and no fear in sharing with all of us.