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Friday, April 13, 2012

What I...

I have been completely emersed in the writing and editing of my Luminscence. My thoughts have been utterly wrapped around this book. I find myself thinking about upcoming scenes pretty much every spare moment I have - riding in the car, the minutes (or in my case hours) before I fall asleep and everywhere in between.

Why am I so engrossed...
--I love to read more than anything.
--I literally fall in love with the characters.
--Most of I love writing as much as I do reading. I get these stories in my head and they will fester until I write them down.

What I write...

I write teen fantasy novels. My current novel has all the factors I adore in a great book. Love, drama, sex, delimma and that extra spice that I can't resist... supernatural or fantasy element.

The stories of youth and love captivate me. Teen novels call to me - the carefreeness, the beginning to so many possibilities and innocence. I've read every teen novel I can get my hands. Series & Triology suck me in. I like knowing that the characters stories don't end after one book.

I just hope you love their story as much as I loved telling it!


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