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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Reveal for White Raven

You guys, I am seriously lovin' on this cover! I find myself constantly taking a peek at it. I am so unbelievably excited to share this story with you that I just can't wait any longer.



It only took one heartbeat to change my life—one chilling phone call in the middle of the night.

And then, as if my life didn’t already suck, my dad sends my little brother and me to some creepy island for what was supposed to be just for the summer. Naturally I rebel. However, in the end, I find myself stranded on Raven Hollow…and bored to tears.

Until I get an eyeful of the mind-bendingly gorgeous Zane Hunter. The dark-hair cutie makes my pulse go bonkers, and I think, maybe this might not be so bad after all. But my swoon-worthy vision of him is shattered the moment he opens his mouth. Zane is an arrogant, egotistical jerkwad.

Yet, there is something about Zane that is dangerously appealing, and it’s not just his devastating smirk that drives me berserk. But figuring out what makes Zane tick is a puzzle I might never solve, because things take a nasty turn. Of course, the one person I want to avoid becomes my salvation.

Someone wants me dead, and the closer I get to the truth, the more I realize my whole life is a lie. But it is not just my life that is in jeopardy…it’s my heart too.


  1. Hi Jennifer I found you by accident while reading some reviews on Amazon, and OMG I have to say the 3 book trailers I watched were Phenomenal. I will be buying all your books, but I want to know if Starbound is a stand alone? The cover for "White Raven" is one of the most Beautiful covers ever. Maggie

    1. Yay. Maggie, I am so glad that you stumbled upon my books ;) Starbound is a standalone novel, and is more romantic than paranormal (just an FYI). I am so glad that you love the cover for White Raven, because it is my absolute fav one to date! I can't wait for the premiere of this series!