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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

25 Random Things About Moi (just in case you were wondering)

I've done a post like this before, but I think they are so fun, so I decided to do an up-to-date one.

1. My current fiction boyfriend is...wait for it...Chase Winters. (I can't help myself. I just love him.)

2. I have 2 tattoos. A double infinity on the inside of my left wrist (Yes, like Revenge. What can I say? I'm a dork) And a tramp stamp on my lower back. (This just emphasizes my said dorkiness)

3. I've been married for 13 years, and I have two boys who are 16 and 12. Say what? Yep, I have a 16 year old. Still blows my mind.

4. My favorite color is blue.

5. I have a thing for eyes. When I write a book, I constantly want to write about their eyes. Sometimes I over do it.

6. I love pierces. Other than my ears, I have 1 body piercing. My belly button. I did have my nose pierced a few years ago, but it didn't last.

7. Secretly, I want to dye my hair pink.

8. My celebrity crush is Jensen Ackles (No surprise as he is plastered all over my blog - its embarrassing)

9. I like twitter more than Facebook

10. My full name is Jennifer Lee Weil

11. Right this minute, my favorite song is Katy Perry's Dark Horse. And I make a fool of myself daily by belting the lyrics way off key.

12. I have the WORST diet ever. For breakfast I eat cookies, cakes, anything sweet and chocolately with a cup of coffee. Everyday.

13. I am obsessed with almost every show on the CW (Star-crossed is my new favorite. Holy hot aliens. Roman = yum-o-tastic)

14. Coke-cola is my favorite drink, especially with lime slices.

15. My first crush was Jordan Knight from NKOTB. I swear I was in love.

16. I go through candles like it is nobodies business. My favorite candle is Beachwalk by Yankee Candle. I also really like Bath & Body Works candles as well.

17. I have a cat. Her name is Snickers, but we call her Kiki. No clue why.

18. My favorite type of food is Chinese. (Now I am starving)

19. I always make weird faces when having my picture taken.

20. Bath Bombs from Lush are my recent favorite find. I am a bubble bath kind of girl (I get all my really good ideas while I am soaking in scented suds.)

21. Lately I have been listening to a whole ton of Dubstep. But I really like all genres of music.

22. I get very excited about food.

23. The last few chapters of a book are the hardest for me to write. I procrastinate like a mofo.

24. I dance and sing in the car. My kids hate it, which then makes me laugh.

25. I wear glasses, because I am blind as a bat.


  1. I truly enjoy looking through on this website , it holds fantastic blog posts.

  2. I have a cat named Snickers too, what a coincidence

  3. I love your blog and your books. Im 12 and probably shouldn't be reading some of the books I do but I cant help it. I love your books, I feel like I can relate to angel alot, she sounds like me. But I love the immature stuff and the references. Your books crack me up and I stay up till ungodly hours reading them.

    1. Aww. Thank you! I am so glad that you enjoy them.