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Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 1: Chasing Angel...yippee ki yeah

Chasing Angel has been out for less than 24 hours and already has made Amazon's Hot New Release list.


My mind has been blown.

I have gotten an unbelievable amount of love from you guys, and I can't thank you enough. It makes me want to screw all the other projects I have lined up and dive right into Loving Angel. There is just something so spellbinding about writing Chase and Angel's story. I get so caught up in it.

I am going to try to keep this next part spoiler free for those who haven't read, otherwise, please avert your eyes.

There have been some questions about Emma...well, I can tell you that her and Travis are going to have a rocky future. Emma's problems haven't been wrapped up into a neat little package of mind control. There are definitely going to be some bumps, errr boulders, in the road.

You guys are just going to have to stay tuned...And I am going to need to start plotting.

There will be some Divisa swag coming soon, that I will be giving away on my blog in the near future. So excited!


  1. Just finished chasing angel honestly cant wait for the next one love it. So excited

  2. Can you write some Chasing Angel scenes in Chase's POV?

  3. I am totally hooked on these books. Amazing :D Can't wait til the next one x x

  4. Love the the book in a few hours, it was so good! Is the next book a continuation of the story or is it his POV with the story thus far?

    1. Thanks!! Loving Angel will be a continuation ;)

    2. Thanks so much! Loving Angel will be a continuation ;)

    3. I Love the Angel Books I know the Loving Angel is going to be Chases POV But I want more. One about when they are in college or when they get married, I'm fully addicted to these book, please write more besides ''Loving Angel'' PLEASE!!!!