Friday, November 15, 2013

Help me! o_0

*** UPDATE *** 11/18/13
Thank you guys so much. This was fun!! I am closing the poll & announcing the winner soon. Entries from here on out will not count. And if your choice didn't win, I can guarantee it will appear in one of my books in the future =)

Okay. So my sister hates the name I chose for my heroine in a new book I started working on over the summer (details to come in a later post - soon!). I literally cannot finish writing this book without a name I love. So I am stuck.

Pick which one you like the best. I want a character my readers can connect with!! The book is a YA Paranormal Romance about a witches, magic, and a curse.

What name do you like? (p.s. she's a witch)

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You guys are the best!!

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