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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sips and Sjin...the real deal (from Hunting Angel)

In the opening of Hunting Angel - book 2, Angel is watching a YouTube channel, Sips and Sjin.

I am going to give them a shameless plug today, well because I freaking adore them.

They are part of the Yogscast, which is a team of gamers mostly from the UK who do play through of video games, in case you've never heard of them. I live in a house in which video games are being played on at least one of our TVs or computers at all times. I grew up playing them and really haven't stopped.

It is one the things I love about Angel, that she is a gamergirl. I think it makes her badass in her own way, dominating in what can be a boys world. Like in Call of Duty. I love those games and am totally itching to get my hands on Ghost, but if you've ever played, then you know that their aren't a whole ton of chicks in the matches. (I am not ashamed to admit that I am a camper, and I have been known to rage quit on multiple occasions)

What episode is Angel watching when the notorious Chase Winters strolls in like he owns the world?

Sooooo many to choose from, but when I wrote the scene I had one in mind. It happens to be I think one of my favorite episodes.

Here it is...

It makes me giggle everything time I hear how excited Sjin gets during this PVP (Player versus Player). I love gamer lingo btw.

How did I stumble upon these two jokers?

I can't not even tell you how many hours I have spent watching these guys and the other members of the Yogscast. It has become a family event in my house. I pretty much blame them for every missed deadline, they distract me from writing.

My kids stumbled onto a game called Minecraft a few years ago, which now has blown up. Whenever they can't figure out something in a game they will YouTube how to do it, because lets face it, there is nothing you can't find on YouTube nowadays. Its cray cray.

It was through his search that he came across the Yogscast and the rest is history. Bam! My love affair with Sips and Sjin began.


PS On a side note, Breaking Emma is almost ready to go to the editors @_@, which means I can start Chasing Angel!!!

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