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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cover Reveal. New Series.

I'm going to take you to a very, very crazy place - my brain. It's a jumbled place to live. I have a writing schedule of about 3 books I need to write next year. And what am I doing instead of focuses on those, I go off and add another book. I'm nuts. Mostly, because writing is not my full time job. I know some people are anxiously awaiting certain books in my WIP list and others are biting their nails to read the next Raven book, which is coming soon - in the next few months. But I want to apologize in advance if the books don't come out as quickly as I hope. But I promise you, they are definitely coming. And I want thank you guys so much for your interest in my books!!!

I know some authors write only one series at a time, and boy I wish my brain worked like that. But it doesn't. If I get an idea, it usually won't leave me alone until I do something with it. I'm a little OCD that way. I get so excited, I can't think of anything else. And I tend to produce better books when I'm excited.

So let me introduce you the Beauty Never Dies Chronicles. This is a Teen Dystopian series with a seriously kickass cover designed by J.M. Rising Horse Creations. It has fairy tale elements woven into the story.

Book one is titled Slumber.

Coming 2016 ish