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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teaser Time - Loving Angel

My favorite part of Tuesdays... I get to share a little bit inside what is shaping to be Chase's story. He scares me at times =)

Leaving the restaurant, Angel walked out in front of me, which I might add, gave me quite the pleasant view. I wasn’t complaining, except she was providing quite the distraction. So much so, that when she stopped dead in her tracks, I almost bulldozed right into her.
What the hell?
Thank baby Jesus for my ninja reflexes or we would have both ended up splattered on the blacktop. Preparing to give her a tongue lashing, I noticed that she stood as still as a statue with a weird angle about her head. Her gaze was zeroed in on…
My eyes became two slivers as I searched for what captivated her attention. Immediately I thought demon, and I waited for that creepy ambiance to flicker over my skin, but I felt… Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
“Angel,” I called her name.
She didn’t respond. Not even a blink. As I stared into her eyes, my blood ran cold.

Hoping this will tide you over for another week =)

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  1. Ah! Oh come on!!! What?! What did he see in her eyes that made his blood run cold. I'm going to go nuts waiting to find out! Ahh! You sure know how to tease us. Lol. -Serena-