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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Holy Moley!!! HUNTING ANGEL - released 6/28/13

Holy Moley! Yep - you read it right. No double take necessary.

HUNTING ANGEL f-i-n-ally has a release date. I did it. I made a commitment.

It will be available for sale on June 28!!!

Oh. My Gosh. Guys.

I can not tell you the number of peeps who have messaged me, facebooked me, emailed me about this book. I feel so loved <3.

I like it. It is so nice to hear from people who are dying to read this book as much as I am dying to get it out there.

I think Chase and Angel are ready to make their second debut as well. I tell you writing about these two makes me grin, chuckle, and feel just a little bit naughty.

So I know you are probably wondering why the date got pushed back from what I original thought. Well truthfully, I can't seem to stop tweaking the book.

There will be upcoming details about a blogtour if I can pull it all together @_@

Thanks guys!!!


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  1. Awesome! So excited! Can you pre-order on Amazon? Thanks!