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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Big Green Guy

So I went to see Avengers over the weekend. I wanted to avoid the chaos of opening weekend and elected to wait a week. I am a huge Marvel fan - The Hulk (Edward Norton) being my favorite. Can't tell you how many times I've seen that particular movie. I love me some Hulk Smash (my boys had the hulk hands a few years ago).

Needless to say the movie surpassed my expectations. It was darn right entertaining and funny. I thought Tony Stark was his quip self and love his witty lines. I wasn't very impressed with Captain American - not really a fan though he was the nice all American hero, I think I just needed a little something more. I did see all the preceding films except for Thor, but after the Avengers it is on my must see list (like this weekend if I can find the time). I thoroughly enjoyed Thor's character and found Chris Hemsworth to be extremely fun to look at. I've never been a long haired guy kind of girl (with the exception of Charlie Hunnam - hawt) but Thor defiantly did it for me.

I thought the action was crazy good and loved the humor in just the right spots. When a 2 1/2 hour film flies by, I know that I was engrossed and loved every minute of it.

The best part was I got to see the trailer for The Hobbit coming out in December. I am an even bigger LOTR fan - Huge! December can't come soon enough.


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